Warning Sirens

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26 Warning Sirens

Coweta County has installed a system of 18 warning sirens across the county. 

The City of Newnan has a system of eight (8) existing sirens that are coordinated with the county system.

The sirens are designed to issue tornado warnings to people outdoors sounding both a siren and a verbal message urging you to seek shelter.  The sirens can be heard up to 1.25 miles.  They are installed near schools, parks and other locations where large groups might gather outside.

Citizens are urged to also get weather radios and/or warning apps for their smart devices for use inside homes, businesses and vehicles.

It is important to note that not all sirens will sound each time, only those in endangered areas.

The sirens will be tested the first Wednesday of each month at 11AM, weather permitting.

The 18 sirens installed by Coweta County are located at:

  • Whitlock Park off Highway 34 East
  • Grantville Park on Colley Street
  • Andrew Bailey Road Sports Complex
  • Sargent Ball Park on Ball Street
  • Central Ball park on Ebenezer Church Road
  • Hunter Complex on Hwy 16 East
  • Welcome Activity Center on Welcome Road
  • Coweta County Fairgrounds on Pine Road
  • Clay-Wood Community Center on Heery Road
  • Fire Station 6 on Madras Parkway
  • Fire Station 7 on Fischer Road
  • East Coweta High School on Hwy 154
  • Leroy H. Johnson Park on Highway 16 East
  • Senoia Park on Seavy Street
  • Senoia Water Treatment Plant on Rockaway Road
  • Haralson City Hall and Park on Magnolia Street
  • Arnall Middle School on Lora Smith Road
  • Turin Water Tower on Highway 54   
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