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Michael Marchese, Chief Appraiser - Dean Henson, Deputy Chief Appraiser

NEWNAN, GA 30263


PHONE:    770-254-2680
FAX:           770-254-2649


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The information provided is for tax purposes only and not legally binding.
The information is as accurate and up to date information as possible.

The goal of the Coweta County Tax Assessors office is to annually appraise at fair market value all tangible real and personal property located in Coweta County by utilizing uniform methods and procedures to equally distribute the tax burden among our taxpayers.

Board of Assessors 2020 Meeting Schedule

Tax bills are handled through the Tax Commissioner's Office

The Board of Assessors

Beverly Ward, Chairman 

David Barnett, Vice-Chairman

Mickey Rogers

The Board of Assessors typically meets the first and third Wednesday
of each month at 9:00 A.M. in the Conference room of the Board of
Assessors office located at 37 Perry St., building Entrance "D".
If you wish to attend, please confirm the schedule directly with the office.
If you wish to address the board, you will need to be added to the agenda
at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


Revaluation of approximately 54,000 residential and agricultural parcels, about 95% of the total parcels in the County continues. Commercial and Industrial parcels received a revaluation in 2014.

The last county-wide, door-to-door revaluation of residential and agricultural properties was last conducted for tax year 1991. A "schedule revaluation" for these properties was last performed for tax year 2001. A "schedule revaluation" is when underlying data (schedules, cost per sq. ft., etc.) is updated without a door-to-door inspection of physical characteristics.

The revaluation process is expected to take up to 24 months to complete. Implementation is set for tax year 2020.

The state of Georgia Department of Revenue makes sure Coweta County keeps appraisals in compliance with the law. "County boards of tax assessors are required by the State Constitution and state law to continuously maintain assessments of property that are reasonably uniform and that are based on fair market value as defined "...the Department is required by law to periodically review the county's digests to assure they are in compliance..."

Your property value could increase as a result of this process, especially if you have not seen a change for many years, however, this does not mean your taxes will increase, they may, but they may not. The County is required to adopt a revenue-neutral millage rate for "inflationary growth", an increase in value not initiated by a property owner. Only new "real growth" generates new tax dollars. Real growth is an increase in value initiated by the property owner such as building or remodeling a home, adding a pool, finishing a basement, etc.

The process will be handled by GMASS, Georgia Mass Appraisal Solutions & Services. All GMASS appraisers will be required to wear a Coweta County issued identification badge with their name and photo. All vehicles used by GMASS appraisers will have door sign which includes the Coweta County logo and identifies them as Contractor/Appraiser. GMASS appraisers will knock on the door/ring bell before commencing appraisal. If you are still not sure, call the Tax Assessors office at 770.254.2680 to confirm.

You can ask the appraiser to leave your property, however, state law gives the chief assessor or designee the right to "go upon the property outside of buildings, posted or otherwise, in order to carry out the duty of making appraisals. Appraisers will ask questions regarding the interior finish in order to make the best determination of value, but cannot enter without your approval. Should you decide not to cooperate, a value will still be developed for your property, but the likelihood that the value would be incorrect is increased.

Should you not agree with your appraisal, you can always file an appeal within 45 days of the notice date.

Should you have any questions regarding the regular review process or the revaluation project, please call the Tax Assessors Office at 770-254-2680






Notice to Property Owners & Occupants

In accordance with Georgia Law (OCGA 48-5-264.1), property owners and occupants are notified that appraisers from the Tax Assessors office routinely review all properties within the county. The purpose of these site visits include general review to update records, new construction/additions/remodels, review at owners request and reviews associated with property returns, sales or appeals.
The appraisers will carry identification and will be driving marked county vehicles.

You are not required to be at home for the visit but a letter/questionnaire may be left if there are questions about your property. Your response to any such request for information will be greatly appreciated.