Project Lifesaver

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Project Lifesaver is an electronic tracking technology used to locate missing persons who are utilizing the program. This program is designed for persons with diminished capabilities, like those with Alzheimer’s. The program utilizes a transmitter that is slightly larger than most watches and is placed on the person’s wrist. This transmitter sends out a signal every second and each transmitter emits a different frequency. For a person to be eligible for Project Lifesaver they must have twenty-four hour care and not have access to a vehicle or to sharp objects. This transmitter is placed on the wrist with a band similar to those used in hospitals so the patient cannot take the transmitter off. Project Lifesaver International states that the average time to locate a person on this program is approximately thirty minutes from the time the officer arrives on the scene.

If you would like more information on this program, check the Project Lifesaver website or contact
Lt. Stephen Crook (678-423-6713).