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The mission of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office is to provide the highest level of law enforcement service to all the citizens of Coweta County, and to create safe communities by building partnerships that work to prevent crime.


The Sheriff of Coweta County is Mike Yeager. Sheriff Yeager was first elected to the Office in 1993.

About the Office of the Sheriff in Georgia

The Office of the Sheriff was established by the Georgia Constitution. There is one Sheriff for each county of the State. The Office is filled by election every four years, making the Sheriff directly accountable to the people of the county, independent of the County Commission. Qualifications for the Office are established by statute. The Sheriff appoints deputies to assist him in carrying out the duties of the Office.

The Sheriff provides law enforcement services: patrolling the county to deter crime, responding to calls for service, and conducting criminal investigations. The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer for the county, with statewide power of arrest. In counties with a county police agency, the Sheriff may not provide primary law enforcement services.

The Sheriff maintains and operates the county jail, secures, supervises, and protects inmates, and provides them with food, clothing, exercise, and medical services.

The Sheriff is an officer of the courts. The Sheriff ensures the safety and security of the courts. The Sheriff or deputy attends all court sessions; acts as bailiff; takes charge of juries whenever they are outside the courtroom; serves court papers such as subpoenas, summonses, warrants, writs, and civil processes; and performs other court-related functions.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office is a full-service agency, providing primary law enforcement services to all portions of the county not served by a municipal police department. Services are provided through five divisions: Court Services, Criminal Investigations, Jail, Patrol, and Support Services.