Jail Division

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Coweta County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Division

Major Warren Campbell,                                              Captain Eric Smith

Director of Jail ext. 8244                                               ext 8279



Inmate Accounts
  Cpl. Anthony Cox (770) 253-1502 ext. 8336


The Sheriff's Office Jail Division operates the Coweta County Jail - twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Detention officers provide for inmate security and safety. Officers work rotating twelve-hour shifts. One of the Jail Shifts below is always working.

A-Shift: LT Bill Reed, SGT Paul Bishop, CPL Michael Jackson

LT Bill Reed

LT Bill Reed

B-Shift: LT Mike Parks, SGT Shannon Harris

LT Mike Parks

LT Mike Parks

C-Shift: LT Elizabeth Homer, SGT Morgan Stephenson, CPL Brian Johnson

LT Elizabeth Homer

LT Elizabeth Homer

D-Shift:  SGT Justin Williams, CPL Shelisa Sinkfield



Infirmary: LPN Susan Webb

Maintenance Unit: LT Bo Monroe, DS Ricky King, Jason Rapholtz

The Maintenance Unit is responsible for physical maintenance of the Coweta County Jail.  This maintenance is achieved at a reduced cost using inmate labor.

Secretary: SGT Mylynda Smith 770-253-1664 ext, 8319


Jail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Bonds, Mail, Medical Care, Money, Telephone Calls, Visitation Rules, Visitation Schedule

Jail Inmate Mail and Publication Policy

Coweta County Jail Directory: 770-253-1664