School Resource Unit

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The School Resource Unit has twenty two Deputy Sheriffs in Coweta public schools. Nine of these officers are assigned as full-time school resource officers at the five middle schools and two high schools in the county, and 12 are assigned to the county’s twenty-one elementary schools teaching a drug awareness program called “Project SAFE.” 

School Resource
At the middle and high school level, Deputy Sheriffs are in place as a resource for students, parents, and teachers. The officers are on campus to provide a safe and secure environment for the students to attend school, but are also available to assist in answering questions about Georgia laws, school policies, and to teach informational classes for students.

In the 2007-2008 school year, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office added additional school resource officers in the high schools, staffing Northgate High School and East Coweta High School with two SROs each.  In 2013, two additional SAFE officers were placed in the elementary schools.

The School Resource Unit also has a K9: Corporal Rodney Ison and his K9 Cricket visit the middle and high schools on a rotating basis in an effort to keep the schools drug and trouble-free. Cricket, a lab/spaniel mix, is trained to sniff for several types of drugs, alcohol, and gunpowder. Corporal Ison and Cricket also visit the elementary schools on special occasions. 

Project SAFE
Project SAFE, the elementary level school resource program, is multi-faceted. Not only do the Deputy Sheriffs assigned to this program teach twelve-week classes to fifth graders in twenty-one elementary schools, they also teach programs for the lower level elementary school aged students as well. They are public relations officers, putting in many hours of extra time at county functions such as speaking to parent groups, churches, businesses, and schools about such topics as drug awareness, internet safety, child passenger safety, and neighborhood watch. You will often see these officers out in the community handing out badges, fingerprint kits, and various Sheriff's Office trinkets to children.

If you would like a Neighborhood Watch Program started in your neighborhood, an internet safety talk for parents only, any other program we offer above, or have questions about the School Resource Unit please contact
Captain Stephen Crook (678-423-6713).

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