Criminal Investigations Unit

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Criminal Investigations Unit
The Criminal Investigations Unit consists of fourteen dedicated officers who are charged with investigating criminal activity within Coweta County. Their duties include evidence collection, property recovery, interviewing witnesses/defendants and preparing investigations for prosecution. The Criminal Investigations Division also maintains the Coweta County Sex Offender Registry.  Daily supervision of this specialized unit is overseen by Lt. Col. Yarbrough.

Investigators daily hours are 8 AM to 5 PM with an evening shift available from 2 PM to 11 PM. Investigators work rotating on-call for after-hours incidents and weekends.

Each investigator receives ongoing training and is able to work any type of criminal investigation. Even so, the unit has recently been sub-divided into specialized areas of expertise. These divisions include Property Crimes, Crimes against Children/Sex Crimes, Financial Crimes and Crimes against Persons. Along with investigating crimes within the county, the investigators also serve in various positions within the Coweta County SWAT Team.

Despite the rapid growth within Coweta County and the increase in numbers of cases assigned, the Criminal Investigations Unit has maintained a clearance rate well above the national average.

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