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Building Inspection - Business License - Code Enforcement - Development Services - Transportation Planning - Zoning

 Jon Amason, Director

22 East Broad Street, Suite 222
Newnan, GA 30263
PHONE: (770) 254-2635

Coweta County Community Development oversees development related issues including Zoning, Zoning Appeals, Development Review and Permitting, Building Inspection, Code Enforcement, Sign Review and Enforcement, Business License, Streetlight Review, Manufactured Home Compatibility Review, Census Tracking, Zoning Map Updates, Comprehensive Land Use Planning, Coweta County Greenspace Program, and Tree Preservation Enforcement.

Coweta County Code of Ordinances (Municode)

 LDGS - Land Disturbance Guidenance System


The Building Inspection Department utilizes the services of SAFEbuilt to conduct inspections and review plans related to the proper construction and maintenance of buildings in Coweta County. These inspections help insure public safety, health and general welfare by enforcing various "Standard Codes" in relation to building, fire prevention, gas, grading, housing, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, swimming pools, setbacks, proper zoning and flood plain regulations.  

The department also handles the County address system and issues permits for all types of systems and buildings including electrical, heating and air, plumbing, housing, manufactured housing, signs, swimming pools, and transit.

Anyone doing any type of business in unincorporated Coweta County is required to have a Business License Certificate. Business license Certificates can only be obtained through the Business Tax Department. No other entity or business is authorized to issue Coweta County Business License Certificates.

Coweta County Code Enforcement works to enforce the code of ordinances that have been enacted by the Coweta County Commission. These codes range from building regulations and zoning restrictions to sign ordinances and solid waste providers. 

Development Services main areas of responsibility include checking various development plans for compliance with Coweta County ordinances, distributing plans to various departments, tracking/coordinating the responses of other departments and agencies, issuing Land Disturbance Permits and preparing various reports, documents, and maps (many in ArcGIS format) related to Planning and/or Development Review including floodplain management

As a limited member of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) for transportation planning purposes, Coweta County and its municipalities coordinate transportation planning and implementation efforts through the ARC’s fiscally constrained and air quality conforming Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for long-range projects and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for short-range projects.  The county also coordinates with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA). Coweta County is a member government of the Three Rivers Regional Commission (TRRC).  

Zoning includes areas of responsibility such as interaction with citizens, businesses, developers to assist with the understanding and implementing of the Coweta County Zoning & Development Ordinance, review various applications, site plans, etc. for compliance with Coweta County Ordinances, coordination of all rezoning, conditional use permits, variances, and administrative height variances by appropriate departments and other related agencies, inspection of applicable sites to ensure complete review of applications, preparation ofvarious reports, packages, and presentations for Board of Zoning Appeals, Board of Commissioners, and public review, communicating the appropriate process and review with all interested parties and acknowledging decisions of appropriate Boards and ensure records reflect accordingly. 


Jon Amason, Director of Community Development -

For assistance with questions about zoning, zoning appeals, sign review and enforcement, manufactured home compatibility review, zoning map updates, and development streetlight review, or census tracking please contact: 

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