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What are the non-emergency numbers I call if I have a question for the Fire Department?
The numbers for the head-quarters station, #6 on Turkey Creek Road, are
and the fax is 770-254-3903.

What services does the Coweta County Fire Department provide?
We provide Fire, EMS, Haz-Mat, Extrication, High-angle rescue, Confined-space rescue, Fire Prevention, Smoke Detectors, Hydrant Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, etc.

Should I call the Fire Department if I lock my keys in the car, my cats in a tree, or I need my blood pressure checked, etc.?
You can always call the Fire Department, no matter what your problem or question is. Someone here can always help to get your question answered or your problem solved.

How can I obtain a copy of a Fire report?
Fire reports may be obtained 5 working days after the incident by calling 770-254-3900. Attention Fire Marshal Blaine Shirley

Who do I contact for a Fire Safety class?
Assistant Chief Jimmy Gantt schedules all fire safety classes and may be reached at 770-254-3900, or

Can we have our home inspected for fire hazards?
Yes. We will be happy to come out and do an inspection, as well as help you plan an exit drills, provide smoke detectors, etc .

What is the typical fire department response to an emergency call?
Medical: One engine
House Fire: Two engines, Rescue 1, One Tanker, 2 Captains Trucks and 1 Command Vehicle
Auto Accident: One engine, Rescue 1,One Captain's Truck
This is the minimal response that you can expect to receive, response may vary depending on call type, call severity, and other assets committed.

How many people work for the Coweta County Fire Department?
1 Chief, 1 Deputy Chiefs, 1 Fire Marshal, 1 Fire Inspector, 4 Assistant Chiefs, 12 Shift Captains,  1 Captain in Logistics, 1 Captain in Techonlogy services, 139 Firefighters, 1 Fleet Manager, 3 Maintenance Technician, 1 Administrative Assistant,

How can I get a smoke detector?
If you are in need of smoke detectors, CCFD will provide and install them in your home at no charge. Call our head-quarters station at 770-254-3900, or E-mail Assistant Chief Alan Smith

How many hours do Firefighters work?
Firefighters work 24 hours, then they are off for 48 hours.

What is Coweta County's ISO rating?
Excluding the City of Newnan, the rating is an urban class 4/9.
In 1981 our points rating was 41.82
In 2003 our points rating was 48.38 - 1.62 points from a class 5
In 2010 Our points rating was 57.25
How many miles does the Fire Department cover?
443 square miles

What months do you consider "peak" fire months?
Nov. 9.1%
Dec. 13.1%
Jan. 13.3%
Feb. 10.8%
Mar. 9.6%

Who do I contact if I want to burn yard waste?
For residential burning, contact Georgia Forestry at 1-877-652-2876.  The fire department does not issue residential burn permits.  However, keep in mind that no burning is allowed between May 1 and September 30 of each year as part of air quality requirements.