Facility Rental

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General Guidelines – All Facilities

Hours For All Rentable Facilities - 8am to 11pm (Unless Noted)

PLEASE NOTE:  All forms must be completed, notarized and turned into appropriate department for consideration.  Department Directors must approve all applications.

  1. Coweta County Facility Rental is coordinated through two departments: Event Services and Recreation. All forms and all fees are to be turned in to the proper coordinating department. Facilities rentals are coordinated as follows:

     PHONE:  (770) 254-2685

     1904 Courthouse and Grounds Panther Creek Community Center
     Powell Expo Center East Coweta Community Center
     Coweta County Fairgrounds and Conference Center Welcome Community Center
     Browns Mill Battlefield Historic Site
    Clay-Wood Community Center
    Central Community Center
  2. Requests for any facility not listed must be made in writing to the Coweta County Board of Commissioners.
  3. Coweta County shall have the right to refuse rental/use of the facility to any person or entity if the requested use is determined by the County to adversely affect the safety, health, welfare, moral well-being, peace, order, comfort, or convenience of County inhabitants or of County employees. Coweta County also reserves the right to refuse rental/use of the facility to any person or entity that has, on a previous occasion, failed to comply with any of the terms and/or conditions set forth in these guidelines. All refusals shall be presented to the Coweta County Board of Commissioners.
  4. Reservations are tentative until the rental agreement is approved by the Event Services Director, Recreation Department Director or designee. All paperwork must be completed and submitted for a reservation request to be considered. Additional paperwork not listed may be required at the discretion of the Event Services Director, the Recreation Department Director or designee or by the Coweta County Board of Commissioners.
  5. All facility rentals require a deposit. The refundable deposit fee is based upon rental fee charged. Other fees may be required (see Site Specific Guidelines). All fees are due when application is submitted.
  6. All pre-determined fees must be paid at time of sign-up. Unless otherwise specified, rentals requiring a payment based on the percentage of gross, must report a tally of gross receipts, including but not limited to, ticket sales and booth rental. This must be reported immediately after the event. Failure to report at specified time results in a $10.00 per day penalty.
  7. Lessee must be 21 years of age and possess a valid photo I.D.
  8. Lessee must be present at all times during the specified use or shall name a designee who shall be present. The person so named is considered responsible during the time reserved. Adults sponsoring a youth meeting must arrive before the youth arrive. At all functions, lessee or designee must remain at facility until all participants, audience, equipment and property have been removed.
  9. The County will not commit its facilities for long-term, regularly scheduled meetings.
  10. Coweta County reserves the right to review any contracts between lessees and other parties involved in the events. No portion of the facility may be sub-leased out by the lessee without the written consent of the Event Services Director, Recreation Department Director or designee.
  11. Lessee may use no facility for any purpose except as specified on the rental agreement.
  12. Lessees sponsoring events involving sale of items or goods to the public must acquire proper permitting and provide copies of permits as part of the rental application.
  13. Rental reservations may be made up to twelve (12) months in advance.
  14. All county facilities are ADA compliant and must remain ADA compliant during your event. It is the responsibility of the lessee to ensure their event is compliant throughout the time the facilities are rented.
  15. All entrances/exits/walkways and corridors must be kept clear of any obstacles that might block efficient ingress and egress.
  16. Portable bleachers, tents or other temporary structures brought in for events must meet the specifications set by the National Fire Protection Association – NFPA 102 Standard for Grandstands, Folding and Telescopic Seating, Tents and Membrane Structures.
  17. Lessee will ensure equipment or material brought to the site is removed at the end of the event.
  18. Lessee will maintain clean facilities and grounds during the scheduled event. All trash must be removed by person(s) reserving the facility unless trash receptacles are provided by the County.
  19. Facilities will be inspected by county staff immediately following all events. If the facility is deemed satisfactory, the clean-up deposit will be refunded. If the facility is deemed unsatisfactory, the clean-up deposit will be retained. Decision of County is final.
  20. Lessee will be liable for any and all damages caused through lessee’s own action or the acts of any of the lessee’s employees, agents or anyone visiting the building upon the invitation of the lessee, or for the event even if without invitation, as well as damages caused to the building or grounds.
  21. Any expense(s) incurred by the County, as a result of violations of the rental agreement or these guidelines, will be charged to and paid by the lessee, including any attorney's fees incurred by Coweta County.
  22. Injuries, breakage, damage, missing property or equipment should be reported to county staff immediately. Outside facility doors should be kept closed and locked during move-in.
  23. Coweta County assumes no responsibility for items left by users or lost and found items. Property will be disposed of at the discretion of the Event Services Director, Recreation Department Director or designee.
  24. External electrical connections (use of extension cords) must have prior approval of the Event Services Director, Recreation Department Director or designee.
  25. Coweta County will furnish air conditioning, heating, and lighting. Restrooms will be adequately stocked and maintained with respect to the intended use. However, the County shall consider both the burdens placed by the intended use and the reasonable needs of the lessee and may result in added fees. The failure to furnish these services shall not abrogate the agreement and shall not entitle the lessee to any rebate in rental fees.
  26. Coweta County reserves the right, at any time, to order to be removed any persons, animals, furniture, fixtures, wiring, exhibits or other items, and to terminate the rental agreement without notice or liability.
  27. Coweta County reserves the rights to monitor the attendance and to limit the number, should the facility reach capacity. Coweta County, its officials, officers, employees, agents, members, representatives, volunteers or their respective insurers (collectively referred to hereafter as "Coweta County") shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or liability of any kind to any person or property caused by, arising from, or in any way related to, any use of the facility, or any part thereof, or by defect in any building, structure or improvement thereon, or in any equipment to be used therein, or because of the same being out of repair or arising from any act or omission of the lessee, its employees, agents, affiliates, representatives, invitees, licensees or other persons entering upon or using said facility nor shall Coweta County be liable for any loss, damage or injury from any cause whatsoever to the property or person of the lessee or any of its employees, agents, affiliates, representatives, invitees, licensees or other persons entering upon or using said facility or any part thereof. Lessee shall defend and indemnify Coweta County to the fullest extent permitted by law for any and all such claims brought or made against it related in any way to the use of or presence on the facility.
  28. Decisions of the Event Services Director, Recreation Department Director or designee and Board of Commissioners are final.