Four Easy Steps To Recycling

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Place a container in your house for recyclables. This could be a paper bag, a cardboard box or any other container you choose. All recyclables may be mixed together in one single container.

Separate recyclables from your household garbage. The Coweta County Recycling Program does not require that residents separate recyclables into various types. Remember, recyclable materials may be mixed together in one container.

Prepare your recyclable materials according to the guidelines established by Coweta County. Our recycling centers cannot accept materials that are contaminated with food waste. Glass, plastic, aluminum, steel, and tin should be rinsed before bringing these materials to the collection centers. Lids should be removed from glass and plastic. Newspapers should be kept dry and cardboard should have any plastic removed. Items which have food contamination that cannot be removed should be placed with your household garbage. Once you have prepared your recyclable materials for collection, place them in your container.

At your convenience, bring your container of recyclable items to any one of the 30 or 56 hour collection centers located throughout Coweta County. Recyclable materials will be accepted at the collection centers FREE! At the center, a site operator will take your recyclables and put them on a table for further separation. If you bring your recyclables in a recyclable bag or cardboard box, you may leave the container at the site for recycling. If you bring your recyclables in a container which is not recyclable, you will be required to take that container with you.