A Note About Litter

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In order to promote the health, welfare and safety of all the citizens of Coweta County and to assure that all garbage and refuse is properly disposed of, the county has enacted a litter Ordinance to the Official Code of Ordinances of Coweta County. This ordinance makes dumping litter material of any sort, by any person or organization, on any public or private property within Coweta County an illegal activity punishable by law. This includes any litter thrown or dropped from any vehicle, boat or plane on any public or private property or any stream, lake or body of water in the jurisdiction of the county. The word "litter" shall include, any and all waste material, rubbish, cans, bottles, sand, gravel, concrete, slag, refuse, trash, debris, dead animals or discarded materials of any kind whether liquid or solid. No property, public or private, shall be exempt from the regulation.

Notification of a violation of this ordinance shall be made by serving a citation by mail or in person by an Officer or Official of Coweta County empowered by the Official Code of Coweta County or the State of Georgia to issue citations on behalf of Coweta County. Any person,firm, or organization found guilty of violating this ordinance shall be fined up to $1,000.00 or face imprisonment according to the severity of the offense. If convicted, said persons may be directed at the discretion of the court to pick-up and remove any and all litter deposited on any public street, highway, or right of way or my other public property.

Please dispose of all household garbage in a Coweta County garbage bag or by use of a private hauler and take your recyclable or reusable items to the proper location. Recyclable items are accepted free of charge at the 12 compactor sites in the county.