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Code RED "Text to Enroll" provides a mobile-friendly opt-in process.

Just text mycowetaga to 99411 and receive your Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) link.

Quick and Easy Registration!


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How to Register for CodeRED Alerts Online

Select Managed Account Preference
Creating a managed account will allow you access to modify your existing notification settings and contact information, below is a list of your options:

To create a single sign-on account, click the button next to “Yes” and click the corresponding logo to the credentials you would like to use, either Google, Facebook or Twitter. You will be prompted to log into your account to permit access.
To create a managed account, click the button next to “Yes” and create a username and password. Please be sure to record this information for later use.
(username: 6 characters or more, password: 8)
You will not have another option to create an account later in the form, or have the ability to log back in and update your contact information at a later date.

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Contact Information
Contact Address and  
Communication Methods

Fill out your information and identify whether it is a business or home address. You will have the option  further down to add more locations.
 RED Image 2

Be sure to include area code and full telephone number. To receive text messages, you must click the “Send text messages” box below and select your mobile provider. 
Via dropdown, select your provider. If your provider is not listed, select “Other.” 

Check the box for “General Notifications”

if you wish to receive community alerts. Please note: Emergency Notifications cannot be opted out—your public safety agency will determine what constitutes an emergency and issue notifications accordingly.

Check the box(es) to receive optional weather notifications

(Please note this component is not available on every account, if you do not see it skip this step).

You may register more than one phone number by clicking “+Add phone”.


Emails (Optional) 
To receive emails, click “+ Add email” and enter your email address. You will be asked to select the types of alerts and optional weather warnings you wish to receive via email.


Terms and Conditions
You must check the box to continue.


Data Privacy

You must check the box if you would like to keep your information private.

Verify Information
Press button to verify your information.


Confirmation Screen
Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email (only if you created a managed account).It contains your account details, along with information regarding the CodeRED Mobile Alert app.

 Caller ID – Add the numbers listed to your phone’s contact list.


CodeRED Mobile Alert App  Download the FREE app to receive safety notifications as you travel to stay informed.


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