Truancy/Informal/Traffic Courts

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The court’s Truancy Program targets chronically truant youth, with the goal of eliminating their school truancies and absences, reducing their risk of criminal delinquency, and increasing their chances of future academic success. The monitoring and accountability program involves the youth and their parents in collaboration with the juvenile court, the Probation Department, the School Board, the Prosecuting Attorney, the Public Defender, and the Social Services Agency.

Informal Juvenile and Traffic Court

Juvenile citations for traffic and/or minor offenses, including violations of municipal code ordinances, are issued by law enforcement agencies throughout Coweta County. Although a minor may appear prior to the court date shown on the ticket, most minors appear on the court date indicated on the citation.

Traffic or minor offenses can result in reprimands, special projects, fines, traffic school, volunteer community service, or the citation may be referred to the Intake Officer so that the minor’s case may be handled under delinquency proceedings. The minor and a parent or guardian should appear at the appropriate justice center as instructed on the citation.