The DUI Court Program

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The DUI Court Program

The goal of this unique program is to increase public safety by confronting the substance abuse issues of DUI offenders and their repetitive pattern of driving while impaired this is achieved by applying significant treatment requirements and holding the offenders accountable for their actions while in the program.

This includes the usual array of sentencing options; confinement, probation, fines, community service and interlock devices. The difference is, rather than being primarily punitive; this program focuses on the offenders’ issues. It includes direct contact with the judge, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers, substance abuse treatment counselors, law enforcement officers, and the whole range of people at area Self-Help meetings. Hopefully, through those positive interactions and great efforts on the part of the offenders, a good number of them will be able to negotiate their way back to good citizenship.

While the participants are enrolled in the program they are also on probation for a minimum of two full years from the date of sentencing, unless otherwise sentenced by the court. The fourteen to eighteen months are divided into four phases as shown:

  • Phase One – Extended Assessment
  • Phase Two – Treatment and Early Recovery
  • Phase Three – Relapse Prevention
  • Phase Four – Recovery Management