About the DUI Court

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Mission Statement

The Coweta County DUI Court’s mission is to address the recurring crime of substance abuse when combined with the operation of a motor vehicle. It is the goal of DUI Court to protect the community and assist offenders with their substance abuse issues by monitoring meaningful treatment. The multiple benefits of the DUI Court shall include the following: enhancing the safety of travel on Coweta County roads; reducing the community’s cost of public welfare; and decreasing the financial burden and expense of law enforcement. Finally, the DUI Court will aid in the establishment of stable families, encourage healthy and productive home environments, increase individual responsibility and create a safer Coweta County.

Presiding Judge: Honorable Seay Van Patten Poulakos
Program Coordinator: Leslie Grabensteder
Treatment Coordinator: Reginald Jordan
Phone: 770. 252.6441
Fax: 770.683.0210

State of Georgia Accountability Courts

  • 54 Adult Felony Drug
  • 10 Juvenile Drug
  • 10 Family Dependency Treatment
  • 22 DUI
  • 31 Adult Mental Health 
  • 3 Juvenile Mental Health
  • 18 Veterans

According to the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts Performance Audits Operations Report, the average daily cost per drug participant is $13.54 per day.  That is 70% to 80% less than the average daily cost of most traditional sentencing.

What cases are handled by DUI Court?

All DUI cases filed in the State Court of Coweta County and all cases bound over to the State Court are screened for eligibility for the DUI Court program. Criminal histories and driver’s record of all persons cited in those DUI cases are reviewed by the Solicitor’s Office for eligibility. Included in the DUI Court Program are all cases where there is a second DUI offense within a two year period or a third or greater in the accused’s lifetime. All such cases are flagged and the option of DUI Court is presented to the defendant and an application may be submitted to the DUI Court Coordinator.