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Newnan GA 30263
PHONE:  (770) 252-6441
FAX:  (770) 683-0210

PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Leslie Grabensteder

Coweta County DUI Court Program

The Coweta County DUI Court is an “Accountability Court” for multiple DUI offenders under the jurisdiction of the Coweta County State Court. The Honorable Seay Van Patten Poulakos presides over the Court and has gathered a team of court personnel, treatment personnel and law enforcement personnel to assist participants in their endeavor in become sober, productive citizens of Coweta County.

This program is completely voluntary and to qualify for the program the candidate must meet certain criteria set by the DUI court team and the State of Georgia. Anyone with two DUI's in a two year period, three DUI's in a five year period or four or greater DUls in a lifetime may apply for the program, the candidate must reside in Coweta County and the criminal history will be reviewed for acceptance as
well. After sentencing, the court mandates substance abuse treatment, mandatory self-help groups, random drug tests, biweekly court appearances and more, as a condition of probation.

The treatment portion of DUI Court lasts a minimum of fourteen months and includes a treatment program tailored to the individual needs of the participants. The participant pays treatment fees.

If the participant fails to meet any requirement of the DUI Court Program, the presiding DUI Court judge will issue immediate sanctions. The sanctions may include additional community service, jail time or both. If the participant has multiple infractions, they may face being terminated from the DUI Court Program and may have his probation revoked.

The DUI Court is a collaborative effort of the Court and Coweta County government. It works with direct coordinated support from the Solicitor’s Office, Coweta County State Court Probation and RBM,INC. DUI Court participants will be directly instructed in the proper steps to obtain a State of Georgia Limited Permit from the Georgia Department of Drivers Services and when eligible a valid Georgia Driver’s License.

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