Code of Ordinances

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In addition to Federal and State laws, there are local ordinances referred to as Code of Ordinances. An ordinance is a law adopted by the local governing authority (Board of Commissioners). The power of the local governing authority to enact ordinances is derived from the state constitution or statutes. These local laws can be more stringent than Federal or State laws.

These ordinances may be amended from time to time by the Board of Commissioners based upon need and the health, safety and welfare of the community.

Portions of the Code of Ordinances require public advertisement and public hearings prior to the adoption of an amendment. Example – Zoning & Development Ordinance

Coweta County contracts with a third-party company, Municode, to host our code online and perform codification services.

You may access the Coweta County Code of Ordinances by clicking the Municode logo below or by clicking this link:

If you have questions regarding the Code of Ordinances, please contact: