Bids & RFPs

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Coweta County Policy is that all budgeted purchases be competitively bid, either by sealed bid, telephonic bid or written bid. Any issue paper submitted shall contain information outlining the funding source(s) for the expenditure and verification from the Finance Department that funding is available for the expenditure.

Expenditures of $5001 and greater require formal sealed bids.

All sealed bids should be delivered to the Administration Office or the requesting Department by the due date and time specified in the RFP.

A bid opening will be scheduled with a representative from the Administration Office, Finance Department and requesting Department.

Authority is granted by the Coweta County Board of Commissioners for the County Administrator to approve any budgeted expenditure.

All emergency, non-budgeted purchases shall, if practical, be made on the basis of competitive bidding. The County Administrator may authorize any emergency purchase up to a limit of $25,000. Any non-budgeted purchase exceeding $25,000 must be approved by the Board of Commissioners.

Submittal of Request for Proposals may be required for budgeted and/or non-budgeted items, depending upon the nature of the product or service being sought. The County Administrator shall make such determination after consultation with the appropriate department head(s).