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SHOOT THE HOOCH 2019 aka Chattahoochee River Appreciation Day

Post Date:06/07/2019 3:15 PM

Shoot The Hooch 2019 aka Chattahoochee River Appreciation Day - UPDATE

Back on June 7th we posted important information about what was then being billed on social media as Shoot The Hooch 2019, for June 15 and June 16 at 11 AM.

The original post noted that:

Shoot The Hooch was a PRIVATE event not associated with Coweta County nor sanctioned by the County.

Some of the suggested activities related to Shoot The Hooch may be in violation of state and local laws and ordinances designed to keep people safe. Please be aware.

The input site, Riverside Park, is a Coweta County Recreation Facility and all applicable ordinances will be in effect.

Riverside Park has a maximum of 56 single-vehicle parking spaces. Once those spaces are filled, no more vehicles will be allowed to park there. County parking ordinances will be enforced. Violators may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Additional ordinances apply to Riverside Park including, but not limited to:

• No alcoholic beverages…
• No littering…
• No glass containers…
• No Smoking, tobacco use or vaping/steam products…
• No explosive substances, including, but not limited to, fireworks…
• No pets allowed…
• No fighting…
• No profanity…
• Rules governing storm warnings and watches will be strictly adhered to…
• All vendors must be pre-approved…
• Coweta County recreation fields and facilities shall not be used for personal profit or sales…

The complete Code of Ordinances for Coweta County may be viewed at:…/cow…/codes/code_of_ordinances

Any violation of County Code shall result in a fine not exceeding $1,000.00 or 60 days imprisonment, or both, except as otherwise provided by general law.

Please be aware that E-coli counts are expected to rise in the coming days due to anticipated rainfall and discharges upstream. These levels could reach unhealthy status. Monitor the USGS Chattahoochee River BacteriAlert website which updates bacteria counts every Thursday.

The river level is also expected to rise, resulting in more hazardous conditions. This section of the river has numerous protrusions which are both visible and not visible.

If you do enter the river, be aware of the Chatt Mile markers so, in the event of an emergency, location can be more quickly established.

We learned on June 11th that the original event posting had been removed, however, the event was now known as Chattahoochee River Appreciation Day.

Today, June 13th, we added an update on the original post providing more information on Shoot the Hooch aka Chattahoochee River Appreciation Day:

• The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has informed Coweta County that ANYONE getting on the river will be REQUIRED to have a life vest. Those 13 and under MUST WEAR the vests, others MUST have a vest on their person.

• DHR will be on the river along with representatives from Carroll County and Coweta County.

• Parking is VERY LIMITED at Riverside Park. Once the designated parking area is full, participants will be sent to the McIntosh Reserve to park. Participants will need to arrange for transportation from the parking area to the launch area. Likewise, those able to park at Riverside will need to arrange transportation back.

• For safety reasons, Coweta County will CLOSE Riverside Park at 3PM so that anyone entering the river can complete the float before it becomes dark.

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