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2017 Road Maintenance Begins

Post Date:04/28/2017

Road maintenance for the 2017 season started May 1 with Smith Road.

The list notes the dates and the treatment(s) for each road as well as the approximate mileage/location.

The CRIL(crack relief interlayer) is a single surface treatment application that first applies a liquid asphalt that is immediately covered with a single layer of stone, after which the leveling is performed before any traffic uses the lane. The reasoning for doing the CRIL is that an underlying crack in the existing road will be blocked from progressing toward the new roadway surface if it is covered by a solid piece of stone. The crack will then have to work its way around the stone, taking it longer to grow and spread upward.

Leveling is a layer of plant mixed asphalt that is applied to fill ruts in the road and smooth any existing surface irregularities.

All of the roads will get patching and leveling. The double surface treatment roads will not get the CRIL application before the leveling.

Topping is the plant mix asphalt that is the riding surface that most people are familiar with. Double Surface Treatment with Sand Seal is the riding surface that is being used on low volume roads. This surfacing is done by applying layers of liquid asphalt that are covered with stone, with each layer using a smaller stone as you progress toward the surface. In the case of Double surface treatment, there are two layers, followed by a last application of liquid asphalt that is then covered with manufactured sand to lock in and seal the underlying layers.



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