• Way Down Yonder

    The Chattahoochee River At Riverside Park

  • Hay Field-Senoia

    Marshmallow Fields on Hwy 16

  • Meadows Cabin-Grantville

    Moved when I-85 came through

  • Coaling Tower Behind Justice Center

    A relic of bygone days can still be seen from Savannah Street

  • Slippery Rock-Lower Fayetteville Road

    One of the many beautiful vistas you may have missed while traveling

  • Pearl Springs

    Between Newnan and I-85 on Hwy 29

  • 1904 Courthouse

    Smack dab in the middle of Newnan, can't miss it

  • 1st County Seat

    At the intersection of Bullsboro Dr. and Jefferson St.

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