Fire Safety Tips

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  1. If you have an emergency dial 911

  2. Stop Drop and Roll
    • Remember if your clothes catch fire don't run, it only feeds the flames.
  3. Install and Maintain Smoke Detectors
    • Change the battery twice a year, daylight savings is a good time to do this.
  4. Plan Your Escape
    E.D.I.T.H. - Exit Drills In The Home
    • Crawl low under smoke.
    • Know 2 ways out.
    • Feel doors for heat before opening.
    • Get out and STAY out.
    • Have a meeting place (mailbox, neighbors house, etc.).
  5. Cook Carefully
    • Never leave cooking unattended.
    • Turn pot handles in, where little hands can't get to them.
    • If grease catches fire in a pan, put the lid on it and turn off the heat source.
  6. Use Electricity Safely
    • If an appliance smokes or has an unusual smell, unplug it then have it serviced.
    • Replace any electrical cord that is frayed or cracked.
    • Don't overload extension cords or run them under rugs.
  7. Keep an eye on smokers
    • Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths in North America.
    • Never smoke in bed or when you are drowsy.
  8. Give Space Heaters Space
    • Keep heaters at least 3 feet from anything that can burn.
    • Never leave heaters on when you leave home or go to bed.
  9. Matches and Lighters- Tools Not Toys
    • Buy child resistant lighters.
    • Store matches and lighters up high where kids can't reach them.
    • Teach small children to tell a grownup if the find matches or lighters.
  10. Fireplace Safety
    • Do not burn trash, newspaper or wrapping paper.
    • Do not burn pine cones. The sap can cause a glaze to form on the chimney walls.
    • Do not allow a fire or log to smolder overnight.
    • Use a metal container to dispose of ashes.
    • Try to use only well seasoned hardwoods to minimize smoke build up.
    • Have a smoke alarm nearby and a readily accessible fire extinguisher.
    • Make sure your chimney has an approves spark arrester.
    • Have your chimney checked and cleaned by a professional at least every other year.
  11. Carbon Monoxide
    • There are a lot of people that would like information about Carbon Monoxide.
    • We have found the best source of information is First Alert the manufacturer of Smoke alarms and CO alarms.

If you have an emergency dial 911.

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