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Criteria set for paving gravel roads

Post Date:01/09/2008

The Coweta County Commission set criteria for paving gravel roads at its January 3, 2008 meeting.  A committee had met and reviewed the issues.  That committee submitted criteria that were approved unanimously by the commission.

Some of the criteria are:

  • Road shall be an existing County maintained road.  No private roads accepted.
  • There must be a minimum of 75 vehicles trips per day to qualify
  • At least 80% of the required right-of-way must be donated.  County must be willing to condemn the balance if necessary.
  • Property owners will be asked to be responsible for removal of any encroachment in the donated right-of-way.  This could be a point of negotiation for staff.
  • There must be one existing house for every 500 ft. of roadway.  On a through road, house counts may not be applicable.
  • The utility relocation costs must not exceed 50% of the paving cost.

Many facts and issues were considered in the development of this policy, including:

  • There are 137 dirt/gravel roads in Coweta County, totaling about 64 miles (1/3/08)
  • Paving is never going to be less expensive than maintaining a gravel road.
  • With annual maintenance and dust control, it would take 18 years to recover the initial cost.
  • Paving materials cost about $180,000 per mile, however with the additional costs of utility relocations, the overall cost can be around $500,000 per mile. 
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