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Abandonment of Right of Way

Post Date:01/05/2018


The Coweta County Board of Commissioners intends to officially abandon the easement and/or right of way containing portions of Henry Camp Road and Emmett Young Road and to permanently close the portions of these roadways that are located thereon.  The roadway sections to be abandoned being more particularly described as follows:

The portion of the Henry Camp Road beginning just west of the northern CSX Railroad Crossing and extending from that point a distance of 2,890 feet +/- to the south to the northern boundary of a Georgia Power Transmission easement.  Said section of roadway is located in Land District 2, Land Lots 90 and 103 of Coweta County, Georgia.

The portion of Emmett Young Road beginning at the eastern right of way of Interstate 85 and extending from that point a distance of 1,640 feet +/- to the east to the intersection with Henry Camp Road.  Said section of roadway is located in Land District 2, Land Lots 89, 90, 103, & 104 of Coweta County, Georgia. 

A Public Hearing shall be conducted to determine if there is any valid justification for retaining these sections of the County roadway system.  Without said justification, these roadway sections shall no longer be a part of the County Road System and the right of the public in and to that road as a public road shall cease.  Said public hearing is scheduled for January 23, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Coweta County Commission Chambers located at 37 Perry Street, Newnan, Georgia.

As set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992, the Coweta County government does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and will assist citizens with special needs given proper notice of 48 hours.  For more information regarding this issue, please contact ADA Coordinator Tom Corker at 770-254-2608.
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