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Coweta Recognized

Post Date:02/05/2015

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The ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) news team has published a nationwide article about Coweta County’s success with Ipad editing in the field. ESRI is the leading producer of GIS (Geographic Informatio...n Systems) software and is used extensively throughout the world. Please see the article through this link:

Clint Richmond, Coweta County GIS Analyst says it is all about teamwork…

"Accomplishing the goal of doubling storm water structure inspections with an Ipad and ArcGIS Online in a matter of a couple of years is something very few in the country have achieved. This couldn’t have been possible without a team of extremely talented coworkers. I want to recognize Scotty Truitt for his work in the field and being the whole reason this project succeeded. Scotty adapted to new technology quickly and displayed above and beyond work ethic by dealing with the elements in the field and still covering 441 square miles of ground and 10,000+ structures in a very short amount of time. Brice Martin and Dane Beatenbough of the Stormwater Management team work tirelessly to keep Coweta County in compliance with environmental regulations. They provided the guild lines of the inspection information that needed to be gathered in the field, and they are responsible for locating the 15,000+ storm water structures and the 10,000+ storm water pipes distributed over Coweta County. The GIS editors (Adam Ray, Keith Knight, Dane Beatenbough, Ben Sewell, Ashley Gay, Teresa Crow, Tony Hanson, and Dean Henson) are the backbone of Coweta County GIS. Without them there is no updated and accurate geographic data for others to use for reference, for inspections, for planning, and for decision making. Also, a very critical part of our success came from the IT (Information Technology) department. Aaron Corrilo created and configured servers that process and transfer data from the central database to the mobile device. Michael Zinkann enabled the system to receive and send data outside of the internal network giving the real time capability. Speed and dependability has not been an issue because of their talents."

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